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Ponte Vecchio Bridge Florence, Italy

Italian Landscape Home Decor

This photo was taken in Florence, Italy in 2011 at sunset.  It’s a landscape of the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence …

Bedtime Rituals, candle

Ambiance photo: Bedtime rituals

My photo of a lovely rose quartz candle, was just featured on the Los Gatos Chiropractic and Wellness Center website for their …

Woodland family portraits

Discovered a beautiful place on the Gold Coast for photos.  It’s just magical in the afternoon or morning light.

Full family portraits

Family portraits in the park

I planned a couple of photo sessions this weekend, since the weather was absolutely beautiful on the Gold Coast.  I headed out …

Peace Lily

Peace lily

My photo of a peace lily was published today on the Learn4Kicks website here:

Gamer portrait

Apparently drug addictions have decreased the more the game industry has increased. Great stuff! But what about gamer addiction now? My photo …

Gold Coast Landscape Photographer

Currumbin Sunrise

Currumbin is a beautiful place at 5am…  it made me appreciate just how beautiful the world really is.