Unique Wedding Keepsake Gifts

My friend Matt has always been a huge supporter of my budding photography skills, so when he recently got married, I wanted to give him a special gift that somehow used what I had learnt so far about photography.

But I couldn’t very well give them a photo of my pet dog, a favourite subject of mine.

It had to be special to both the bride and groom.

What I came up with was…

a photo of the sunrise on the morning of their wedding day.  

What could be more special right?  How about…

a photo of the sunrise on the morning of their wedding day with their initials or name scratched into the sand?

Way better!

So while the bride and groom were on their honeymoon, I ordered a nice landscape sized canvas print of the winning photo, delivered to their house.

Apart from failing to include a gift note telling them who sent it, they really liked my gift and because it captured the sunrise on the most important day of their lives, it will probably always be able to ignite fond memories of that special day.

If you would like a similar photo for your friends wedding, please get in contact!

Capture Sunrise on Wedding Day - Unique Gift